1 Introduction

Occasionally, users may encounter a problem when adding airports to their obstacle database. This error is due to the presence of runways that have been supplied for specific operational needs not necessarily required for all airlines or aircraft types. 

2 Airport Unreleased

When adding special airports, users will encounter the following message: 

The airport will have special operational conditions associated to it and requires a manual release by the Performance team.

3 One or More Unreleased Runways

When adding airports with special runways, users will encounter the following message:

There is a presence of one or more tailored data for certain runways that may not necessarily affect regular operations. For example, instructions for specific aircraft types made available in a duplicate runway. The ADR portal will include all other runways not deemed special care into the user's subscriptions. If the user would like to ensure they have access to available runways, a request can be made via the Support portal https://www.navblue.aero/support/ through N-Performance for AODB/ToDC.